Exhibition Philip K Dick: Here Today, Mars Tomorrow

Philip K. Dick drawing Pete Welsch - Genoa Palazzo Ducale Domus Patrizia

Philip K. Dick drawing Pete Welsch – Genoa Palazzo Ducale Domus Patrizia

Dal 22/12/2012  Al 06/01/2013

Exhibition: Here Today, Mars Tomorrow

“The reality is that thing, even if you stop to believe it, does not go away” 

Philip K Dick

A 5 min walk from our B & B in the main square of the city of Genoa, Piazza De Ferrari, you Ducal Palace is located in the adjacent Piazza (P. zza Matteotti) there will be a very interesting exhibition of this modern author.

The exhibition dedicated to Philip K Dick Here Today, Tomorrow and Mars ‘a tribute to Philip K Dick, his rich imagination and the characters of his stories: the thirtieth anniversary of his death and’ asked for artists to create a photographic portrait of the protagonists and characters, even minor, of his novels and short stories. How were portraits of newly Mars colonists, replicants, of extraterrestrial entities or ghosts, the collection of photographs and ‘a glimpse of the fragile contemporary society, with an eye to the past and the other to the future.

Some information about the autor:

Philip Kindred Dick author ( Chicago 1928-S. Ana 1982)

Snubbed and overlooked in life, Philip K. Dick was widely re-evaluated post-mortem both at home and in Europe (France and Italy in the 80’s became a real cult writer). Mainly active in the field of narrative fiction, was a forerunner of cyberpunk and, in some ways, a forerunner of that sub-genre of literature called post-modern avantpop. With his visionary novels explored the complex philosophical and sociological issues such as social manipulation, simulation and dissimulation of reality, the common conception of “false”, the search for the Divine.

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